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We play a leadership role in government communication system construction.

Since our institution was established, we have taken the position of our institution as the primary role of government information and communications in the mission.


Transparency is an expression of a righteous democracy. Communicating to the public involves providing close coverage, listening to the people and expressing their views freely, making important information accessible to the public before making public inquiries, making public information available to the public, accessing information on supportive sections of society.

Based on concrete facts

The information we provide to the public can be honest when it is based on factual fact and its context. The communication skills should be based on the responsibilities and functions of government institutions. Imagine how to convey the message and the message through the needs of the community.

This means:

• The language you use must be clear and easy to understand

• We must inform policy makers about policies and develop what can be achieved through effective collaborative efforts of the public.


The public communication work is to be done in advance and the priority given to the institution must be given priority. Public and government data are not worth the expiration. Therefore, the timing of the gathering of the data will be one of our core values ​​in order to ensure the timely and accurate delivery of the information to the relevant body.


As a government led by a democratic system, we have sovereign powers, nations, nationalities, and peoples. Only people can complain when we are satisfied with the needs of the people. As a public servant, we have to listen to people, get free access to information and meet their needs. We value our people's questions and answers.

Creativity and learning

Since the work of social media and media is not well developed in our region, we have to learn and learn new concepts and practices in terms of concrete and practical conditions. It is one of our values ​​because computing and expanding best practices are appropriate.


Our work will be organized in a team organized by the Enterprise. Support and training can be done in group work. The division of labor and the outcomes of the work will be part of this. Therefore, our task of being divided into groups as a transformed army is another of our values.

Quality, efficiency and effectiveness

We need to deliver quality information in various media channels to the public. The work we do is required to be economical and timely. Knowing that our work is the ultimate result of our work, we will strive for our values, efficiency and efficiency.

ከተለያዩ የመንግስት አካላት ጋር በምን መልኩ መገናኘት ይመርጣሉ?