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The Benishangule Gumuz regional state council

The Benishangul Gumuz Regional State Council is the highest authority of the state legislature and it has been organized as 99 seats in the existing Article 49 and sub-Articles 1 and 2 of the Regional Constitution.

Accordingly, the Council will establish rules on the development, peace, development and good governance of the region, monitor and monitor the implementation of the plans of the Government Executive Organs at all levels, and fulfill the mandate of the public body and coordinate the day-to-day activities of the Regional Government, We add other functions, including judgment and decision-making.

It is also important to ensure that the public are able to respond to public complaints and grievances that fall into the cessation of power under the rules and regulations of the House, and to closely monitor the implementation of the Steering Committees; National Holidays, especially Nations, Nationalities and Peoples The responsibilities and duties of the day's flag are underway.



The council, through its efforts to monitor and control the implementation of the executives and the judging bodies, to make appropriate adjustments and to accelerate the efforts of the public to ensure that their plans are in line with public transparency and accountability, and increase the direct participation and fair use of the people of the region, Challenges and further attention should be given to the council meeting.

It aims to accelerate the development of the region through the planning of the execution of the plan, achieving its objectives, achieving its achievements, ensuring the participation of the people in the peace, development and democratic order.



Mission, Vision, and Values ​​of the State Council


It is committed to building a well-respected place where the rule of law is guaranteed, with a view to overseeing, monitoring, investigating and implementing the laws of the region.


In the year 2017, the people of the region will benefit from development, democracy and good governance.


1. We respect the rule of law

2. We respect the constitutional rights,

3. We will extend the accountability, transparency and participation process,

4. We put the benefits and rights of the people first,

5. We will work hard to achieve our vision,

6. We fight the false and corrupt practices,

The House of Commons, the Standing Committees and the duties and responsibilities of the Office

Powers and Duties of the House

The State Council, in accordance with Article 49 of the Revised Constitution of the Regional Government, has the following functions in accord with the state legislature and the highest political authority in the affairs of the State.

Convincing different laws that do not conflict with the Federal Constitution and other laws;

Establish additional administrative levels or areas of self-governance in the region, taking into account the number of people, the size of the region, and the socio-economic activity of the region.

Consent to the agreements of the Regional States with the approval of the Federal Government;

The Board shall elect its own Vice-Chairpersons and Vice-Speakers and shall appoint the standing and temporary committees necessary for the commission of the council;

The nomination of the head of state of the council shall be elected by nominating the members of the council; the nominations of the Council of the Regional Government shall be approved by the Head of Government;

The Bidder of the Nomination of the Governor shall appoint the President of the Regional Supreme Court, Deputy President, Auditor General and Deputy Chief Auditor;

The Regional Supreme Court established the highest and first-class courts; appoints judges,

Establish ODS and other regulatory bodies;

set guidelines to protect the peace and security of the region, establish security and police forces;

Approve the region's socio-economic programs;

Formulate laws pertaining to the Region's revenue sources and recruit, examine and approve the regional budgets for the respective Councils, Administrative Divisions and woredas.

Expand the social services, establish institutions that are essential for the development of economic empire and for the establishment of democratic institutions.

Inputs to the region's government, it places an agricultural taxi in the region.

Issue a law on the administration of the state administration on administration and employment conditions;

Issue a state of emergency according to the authority given to the Regional Government;

It shall enact detailed regulations on the implementation of the laws of the country and of the region as well as other laws in the region;

Call for question the region head of state and other officials of the regional government and investigate the implementation of the executive body.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Regional Steering Committees / Mandate

It is known that parliamentary committees have established their own standing committees in the respective parliaments in which they carry out day-to-day tasks. Accordingly, the Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State has been working on organizing five permanent committees in accordance with Proclamation No. 65/99 and Proclamation number 119/2010.

Standing Committees are also organized in the following sections:

A) Legislative, Justice and Security Affairs Standing Committee

B) The Standing Committee, Trade and Industry Affairs and Construction Affairs,

C) Women, Infants, Youth and Workers Affairs and Social Affairs Standing Committee

D) The Federal Environmental Protection and Natural Resources and Standards Affairs Standing Committee

E) Government Budget and Finance Affairs Standing Committee

F) The Human Resource Development and Social Affairs Standing Committee;

The Standing Committees, as amended by the Amended Council and Members Code of Conduct No. 119/2010, have the following powers and duties:

By reviewing the draft law and directing a report and recommendation to the neighborhood,

Monitoring and monitoring of government bodies.

Generating law,

Receive a complaint or referral,

Listening to witnesses and documenting,

Conduct study on the objective of their establishment.

Organize different workshop and discussion forums.

Experience sharing,

Doing what other activities are provided by the House or the Speaker.

The functions and responsibilities of the office,

The Council of the Regional Council, pursuant to Article 49 of the Revised Constitution of the State, has the following duties and responsibilities: - The Council of the Regional Council, Article 32/1995, has the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Offices of letter to the House and its organs shall be issued by the concerned bodies;

2. Prepare a meeting hall for the House and its regular members;

3. Register and keep record of decisions and papers of the House and its organs for the respective organs;

4. Provide library, research and information services to the Government and its constituencies,

5. It shall issue the laws, regulations and directives issued by the House to be printed in English, published in the Pentecostal newspaper and to the concerned bodies and the public;

6. Follow up and distribute the magazines and newspapers of the House;

7. Provide the host guests with the necessary access to a postoperative service;

8. Owns property; contracts, accuses, prosecutes;

9. Carry out other activities necessary for the functioning of the building and the building of the real estate.

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